I'm sure I will find a way.

Which are Taro's?

It was never our intention to overcharge you.

She cried when she heard the news.

We need to band together to beat the enemy.


I convinced Honzo to give a speech.

I have to go talk to them.

"What is she saying?" "You don't even know 'norito'?" "Norito?" "It's something like a Shinto spell."

I don't know what happens here.

I can't get my dress zipped up.


I like Feijoada.

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I shall leave school.

I can't understand anything you're saying.

By a stroke of luck I found my keys in the rubbish bin.

Do you hear me?

Shannon's unarmed.

We'll get them home safely.

The thermometer reads 10C.


That's the only hope we have left.

Derek wondered how often Kylo practiced baton twirling.

Pat learned to dive when she was five.

The nightmare is finally over.

The roof was blown off by the explosion.

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I was with Patrice for an hour.

Do you think Stacey is untrustworthy?

I love to wear sport clothes.

Keep me out of this.

Where did you learn them?

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Syun gets a haircut about three times a year.

If they make a deal, we're saved.

It's not a good start.

Olivier enjoys playing sports.

To reduce the risk of fire or electric shock, do not expose this apparatus to rain or moisture.

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I won't support that.

I'll tell you the truth if you promise not to get mad.

They could only listen.

Manjeri said he could handle it.

Wade found out the truth from Courtney.

Ravindranath was so sweet. He brought me flowers all the time.

I'll soon give you an address where to send it.

We're going to make sure of that.

I risked my life for it.

Billie has three of them.

I'm not able to have children.

I want to ask you about the money you found.

You may call on me whenever you like.


It's better than the original.

How did you make out on your French finals?

We have named our cats Jerry and Jerry.


Sid didn't learn anything in school.

Everybody rushed towards Jones.

One thing's for sure: you can expect the unexpected.

Brooke and I both want you to be happy.

"Brian, your dinner's getting cold." "Just a minute. I'll be right there."


He fell into the bottomless pit.


We made it to the top of the mountain just in time to see the sunrise.

I am bound to solve this question.

They walked slowly towards him.

We don't have a car.

Yoko speaks English, doesn't she?

If you need my advice, I'd be glad to give it to you.

My sword may be blunt, but that's more than enough for someone like you.

I think I heard a woman's voice.

What's the difference between A and B?

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Helen will be thirty in October.

When will I write a good play?

The man likes to play soccer.

He put a stamp on the letter.

Something very strange is going on.

I'm really surprised.

They accused him of manslaughter.

Vladimir has decided not to go to the meeting.

Does Germany export grain?


Ravindranath has been practicing with us.

We're looking forward to your being here.

My daughter loves jumping rope.

It failed.

I can give you a copy of the report, but I can't vouch for its accuracy.


Curtis just wants to spend a little more time with Lars.

It cost less than fifteen dollars.

You have a spider on the ceiling!


Would you give me Boyd's address?

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He'll recover soon.

I always have coffee and toast for breakfast.

The doll was surprisingly lifelike.

Heinrich is a very outgoing person.

Is this a bad time?

Young people underestimate the huge aspiration that the learning of a foreign language demands and they begin to learn multiple at the same time, distributing their effort, which quickly leads to a lack of motivation when they take note of their poor results.

It's now a habit.

Did Miki speak French to you?

I want to talk to as many people as possible.


You aren't watching.

What position do you play?

What foods should a diabetic not eat?

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How long can we survive in here before we run out of air?

Jakob would be better.

I could have bought that for you.

He reeked of liquor.

Ernest was pulled over.


Horst doesn't want to eat lunch now.

I love watching basketball.

How is the first song called?


The input method also works with this version.

When was the last time Hotta and you went out for dinner together?

It was completely astonishing, as you would expect.


Her friends talked her out of it.

They work really hard.

The news surprised us much.


Supply is relative to demand.


Where did you buy that? I also want one.


I won't quit until we find out who's responsible.

We love our mother almost without knowing it, without feeling it, as it is as natural as to live.

I'll never be as good as Petr.


You'll be busy tomorrow afternoon.

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Do you know how to speak?


I don't like to be spoken to.


My mother looks after the plants well.

I'm going to make some bread.

I love this game.


She was angry and confused.

Jitendra dug a deep hole in the garden.

Where did you pluck them?

When did Manavendra get to Boston?

Sandra's family is eccentric.

I think Mac is tidy.

We're better than this.

It isn't easy to learn a foreign language.

Anger deprived him of his reason.


The future will come soon enough.


So you can fix computers as well!

I've learned a lot by watching Jakob.

You had a nosebleed.

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Why are we dealing with Skeeter?


I should be there in an hour.


The waves washed upon the rocks.

I was wondering if you might be willing to talk to Louiqa.

The student made an irrelevant remark.

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I'll wait and see.


He counted to 100.

He is an energetic politician.

Kim Il-sung was named premier.


Yes, in Osaka too we say "idiot" when we are insulting someone.


It looks like I might have to go to Boston next Monday.


Her beauty exposed her to many dangers.

Why not ask him?

You should know the Earth isn't the centre of the cosmos.


I really wasn't expecting that from you.


"Don't lie" doesn't necessarily means "tell the truth".

We often eat fish raw in Japan.

Make sure you go to a doctor if you get worse.

I need the keys.

Please go home.

The elephant is trumpeting.

Martha knew what Fay had told him wasn't true.

She went there.

For all his wealth and fame, he is unhappy.


I'm tired, but I still can't go to sleep.